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Sep 30, 1:32 am

CT Fletcher Routine - Arms everyday


Don't dismiss it straight away - please read till the end.

Opinions on arms everyday? Well maybe not everyday, but most days.

He does have 22" arms after all. I know rest days are important for growth, but hitting arms continuously might promote deeper tears in the muscle. What do ya'll think

  • PhD in Broscience.
submitted by legsbrah
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Tight back and fat belly

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Question about the Wendler

3:08 am, September 29, 2014 So I've been doing the wendler 531 for about a of months now. Last month I got kinda sick so I took a week off and that just happened to coincide with my deloading week. So my question is this.... Wh [..] View

Serratus anterior: the misunderstood muscle

3:08 am, September 29, 2014 As bodybuilders we know that little things matter, sure you can have a massive chest, thighs, arms and lats, but what good is that if you do don't have heart shaped calves, or shredded obliques to go [..] View

Bloodwork interpretation.

3:08 am, September 29, 2014 Hey guys, here's my bloodwork 3 weeks into Nolva PCT at 40/40/20/20. I can't post in the steroids sub so I decided to come here. Cycle was 12 weeks of test and tren e. I'm 6' 205lbs 20yo. The reason I [..] View

I don't see much discussion about diet on here. Can this be a general diet discussion thread?

3:08 am, September 29, 2014 What do you guys like to eat? On a bulk? On a cut? Intermittent fasting? How much do you eat and what's your stats? What's the best way to prepare chicken breast? What protein powder do you use? What [..] View

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who remember's ifbb pro, Melvin Anthony, on an episode of "blind date" ?

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Current state of ephedrine in the US?

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Is it too early to start PHAT?

3:08 am, September 29, 2014 I know PHAT is an intermediate program and I'm not really sure at what point I become intermediate. I'm 5'6" 145 lbs. If I were to estimate my bodyfat, it would probably be around 12% (still pret [..] View

I want to start on creatine. Help.

3:08 am, September 29, 2014 So, yeah, that's pretty much it. I'm 16 years old and have been lifting for 11 months now (used to be athletic even before), I've gained plenty of muscle and strength and I'd like to take it to the ne [..] View

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Big Shoulders

3:08 pm, September 28, 2014 Hello, I am lifting for last 5 years and am really struggling to get my shoulders a little bigger. I have decided to do them 3 times a week. Would that be overkill? Would anyone have any advise on how [..] View

Flex Wheeler's physique was just insane. How do you think he would stack up against today's Mr. Olympia contestants?

3:08 am, September 28, 2014 submitted by tomcampbell105 [link] [19 comments] View

Quick Question: What do you gentlemen use for your protein supplement?

3:08 am, September 28, 2014 I realize that this is a pretty generic question, but I really need ideas of what to use now. For the past year or so, I've been trying different flavors of the Muscle Pharm Combat Whey Protein, and i [..] View

Progress post/questions!

3:08 am, September 28, 2014 5 weeks ago Yesterday Been runnin EC 25mg/100mg x1 and 12.5mg/100mg x1 each day. Peaking next week. Suggestions besides lane norton? At 2100calories. [..] View

Who else likes to mix things up with the less conventional bars?

3:08 am, September 28, 2014 I love my trap bar deadlifts, swiss bar rows/shoulder presses, and safety-squat bar box squats. I'm lucky enough to have a gym that is loaded with this gear and empty all the time. submitted by rim [..] View

Is this a good beginner routine?

3:08 am, September 28, 2014 16 yr old male, 154 pounds, 6'2.5" All weights are 10kg but I will increase them in time Mon - Chest Chest press 3x8 Low row 3x8 Pec deck 3x8 Tue - Arms Bicep curl 3x8 Tricep curl 3x8 Cable pulld [..] View

The /r/bodybuilding Competition, take 2.1

3:08 am, September 28, 2014 Before Justin ran away, he started a second /r/bodybuilding competition. I can't seem to find his posts using Reddits glamorous search functionality, so as promised I'm kicking it off again. I believ [..] View

Preworkout issues.

3:08 am, September 28, 2014 I've recently had another seizure, this is my second one. And because of this my doctor wants me stop taking any kind of caffeine, which includes pre workout. I know in the long run this will be a goo [..] View

Difference Between Physique and Bodybuilders

3:08 am, September 28, 2014 What is the difference between aesthetic/physique people and massmonster/bodybuilder people? I'm not trying to talk about the actual competitions or what the judges look for, but as in acquiring a spe [..] View

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