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Jan 2, 11:08 pm

Jamie Eason's diet plan

I am following Jamie's diet recommendations and I wondered how my post workout wey shake fits in? Does it could towards a meal? I do put a banana in it?


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3:08 am, September 18, 2014 I really want to try Quest Bars but I have been keeping it super low carb as of late (25grams and under) and I have noticed that Quest Bars talk in Net Carbs instead of total carbs is there any differ [..] View

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3:08 am, September 18, 2014 Big fan of tuna steaks and they apparently are super good for you too. Anyone know of anywhere that sells frozen tuna steaks? I used to get some at Costco but they don't carry them right now. View

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3:08 am, September 18, 2014 I am struggling horribly trying to stick to diet plans. I wake up at 5 am for work and don't get home until roughly 4 pm. Maybe its is just me, but all of the nutrition plans has me thinking that ever [..] View

breakfast help

3:08 am, September 18, 2014 So I seem to have done a decent job getting my diet under some sort of control and am paying better attention to my macros while picking clean foods to eat. My biggest struggle is breakfast and post [..] View

Question about dieting ?

3:08 am, September 18, 2014 When you diet, you have a certain number of calories to eat a day. For instance, mine is 2100 calories. So say I do cardio and burn 350 calories. Now does that mean I can eat 2450 calories, or do I s [..] View

added sugar surplus

3:08 am, September 18, 2014 Suppose one eats 5000 calories with low carbs and no added sugars (I.e just protein and fat). Now suppose that another person eats 5000 calories of mostly added sugar. Would the diet with more added s [..] View

Casin without milk

3:08 pm, September 17, 2014 Hey all... I'm currently trying to cut my carbs right down, I have a casin protein shake before bed. Problem I got is the milk I mix it with increases the carbs to high. Has anyone else used anything [..] View

UKCIG - UK Capital Investments Group, Are pasta and potatoes fattening?

3:08 pm, September 17, 2014 UKCIG - UK Capital Investments Group, No. Despite their reputation, high-carbohydrate foods are not more fattening than other foods. A large plate of pasta with cream sauce or mashed potatoes made wit [..] View

Newbie Bulking Advice

3:08 pm, September 17, 2014 Hi, first time on here and I'm after a bit of advice on my diet. Bit of background, I am 36, 6ft 2 and approximately 90.5kg. I have an office job but train in the gym 5 days a week and cycle to wor [..] View

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3:08 pm, September 17, 2014 It's probably been asked many times before but I can't find a sticky on cutting and bulking because I'm not entirely sure about the specific details on cutting and bulking. I'm cutting at the moment t [..] View

Looking for feedback on my diet

3:08 pm, September 17, 2014 Hey all, so right now im trying to cut down to 10%. Currently sitting around 14%, just finished up my bulk. Right now im 183cm(6'0), and 83,8kg's(184'ish) My macros are like this 2600 kcal a day 2 [..] View

Bulking; Reduce Cals, maintain or what?

3:08 pm, September 17, 2014 Hey Another one of these... Been bulking since ~May, and have have bumped up cals twice now due to weight gain stalls (by 150 each time). Most recent bump I did was on Sept 1st as my weight averages [..] View

Multi Cooker for chicken, brocolli etc?

3:08 pm, September 17, 2014 I've just moved in to a student dorm. The shared kitchen doesn't have a oven and I will probably have a limited time cooking food every day. I already eliminated one problem by buying a egg cooker w [..] View

Understanding IIFYM/is "exaggerating" a thing?

3:08 pm, September 17, 2014 currently bulking with IIFYM, trying to maximize my understanding of it I need around 3200 calories/190g protein/90g fat everyday theoretically, I could get all the macros just by eating **** and usin [..] View

Fish oil = weight loss?

3:08 pm, September 17, 2014 My O3:O6 ratio always been a big problem of mine... Probably in the range of 20:1. So since 3 weeks I am supplementing O3 and lost 2 pounds!. I feel a bit more energized but the main thing is my we [..] View

Post cutting diet advice please

3:08 pm, September 17, 2014 Hi guys, Over the last few months (~5) I have been on a pretty harsh cutting diet of vitamin/oil supplements coupled with mainly chicken, broccoli, eggs and milk. I went from 210lbs (15 stone/95kg) i [..] View

Personal trainer not knowing anything on nutrition

3:08 pm, September 17, 2014 hey guys, this is some kind of rant you can say, at least its not some critique my diet thread. So basically, i got a free Personal trainer for a few sessions from golds gym. I asked him a few questi [..] View

Eating "clean" feeling poo

3:08 pm, September 17, 2014 Hi all, I've never really given much thought to my diet before, being 6ft4 and an easy gainer I can pretty much live on Big Macs and still look in ok shape; however after a few months out of the gym [..] View

ideas for food while at the office

3:08 pm, September 17, 2014 Hi all, havent been here in a while. I am starting a job in the city in a week and it involves commuting and its just bleh.... It will be my first real job! Till now I have been a freelancer. I know [..] View

Quick cal check

3:08 pm, September 17, 2014 So you know what it's like so many sites to calculate cals.. One says eat 20,000 cals and the other 400, I think I have found one that's ok.. It's done by scooby.. Just checking if I'm about right [..] View

mah face!

3:08 am, September 17, 2014 Hey guys and girls , hope you you see this thread whilst putting your dumbbells down for a while. Anyway I notice today that in the morning my face was really sweaty and very flabby meaning my jawline [..] View

I ate 5k calories and I can hardly breath right now ..

3:08 am, September 17, 2014 about 3k above my maintenance I ate about 3 big scoop from baskin robbins ( butterscotch ) , 14 spoon rice , 1 macroni dish .. 2 fried cheese ..2 beef steak little nuts .. first I'm feeling very [..] View

Meal plan for early morning (4:30am) workouts

3:08 am, September 17, 2014 Forgive me if this has been asked before as I am new to this forum and have only read a page or two of threads so far.. I am at the gym by 4:30am Mon-Fri and I'm currently struggling with my nutritio [..] View

For my 4,000th post..... :)

3:08 am, September 17, 2014 I just want to give a shout out to all the regulars on these boards that come on here continuously day after day to help individuals out, the passion I see from most of you guys on the topic of fitnes [..] View

Acne and food

3:08 am, September 17, 2014 Hey guys, i started taking accutane and i want to improve my diet now. I want to try bulk without dairy( i take milk, choco milk, whey and greek yoghurt) and gluten( i dont eat bread, bought today glu [..] View

Correct my calculation for Macros and Calories

3:08 am, September 17, 2014 Please kindly have a look at this bad math and tell me what am i suppose to do with the remaining calories! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [..] View

Food Face-0ff- Tasty Tuesday

3:08 am, September 17, 2014 In order to vote today, pick one option from each of the 4 matchups, leaving just the name of the food with no urls or spaces between choices (in a column as usual). Chips doritos nacho cheese pri [..] View

doubt helps bend my body

3:08 am, September 17, 2014 good evening, I have a doubt that I think you guys can help me , I'm in Brazil , let it . 'm 27 years old , 1.87 height, weight 102 now , now that I come to doubt that not out of my head , I want to [..] View

What Cor-whey flavor to try?

3:08 am, September 17, 2014 Hey guys, I am in the market for another tub of protein powder (specifically the cellucor whey) and am looking for some flavor suggestions. So I have tried: Cinnamon Swirl (9/10)-very sweet, great m [..] View

~ Possible Insulin Resistance ?

3:08 am, September 17, 2014 Hey guys Im new to the forum .Ive been lifiting for a few years now getting from 5,9 50Kgs (110 pounds) to 77kgs (169 pounds) at not more then 13% BF . In the last year ive been consuming 140 + gram [..] View

Nutrition plan help

3:08 am, September 17, 2014 Hi people :) I'm new to this healthy life but I'm motivated and determined to get there. Firstly I'd really like some advice on my nutrition plan made for me using my macros. I'm insulin resistant [..] View

Bulking Meal Plan [TDEE included]

3:08 am, September 17, 2014 BMR/TDEE BMR: 1840 TDEE: 2852 [calories/fats/carbs/protons]meal 1: [557/11.9/83/37.1] 100g rice [111/0.9/23/2.6] 250g lentils [290/1/50/22.5] 2 hard boiled eggs [156/10/1.2/12g]meal 2: [849/12.1 [..] View

Out for back injury? Are these MARCOS good while being OFF ? *ADVICE*

3:08 am, September 17, 2014 Im 23 year male 6'2 was in shape and worked out for years.... weighed about 220 muscle wise I would say bf was at 16% ( lost 120 and been through a tummy tuck) thing is I have 2 buldging discs with he [..] View

Energy from Carb Timing

3:08 am, September 17, 2014 Personally, I feel no difference in eating carbs pre workout versus post. I hit my macros and the daily timing of them makes no difference in training intensity or quality. How do you all time your [..] View

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