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Extreme Caffeine Withdrawals


Extreme Caffeine Withdrawals

A few months ago I started taking caffeine pills to get me through the day - I was in college, working 36 hours a week, training 5 days a week, and studying for the GMAT. My average daily dose was 500mg+. Now, I've started trailing off the caffeine, and my body is going through withdrawals. If I don't get an excessive amount in the morning, I have ocular migraines, I go temporarily blind, and I vomit all day. I had an incident at work yesterday, and I had to have someone pick me up because I couldn't drive. Has anyone else been through this? How can I safely come off the caffeine without anymore incidences? Thanks!

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The Page Extreme Caffeine Withdrawals was first posted on 11:08 pm, January 7, 2014 in the category Bodybuilding Nutrition it has been viewed 70 times.


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Short Title: Extreme Caffeine Withdrawals
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